Usage Collector


Usage Collector module allows to impose monthly limits on particular values for the device. After exceeding the threshold value, the administrator is notified about exceeding the limits set in the configuration by a proper e-mail. Currently, the module enables to limit the following values:

  • Total Bandwidth In/Out
  • Total Bandwidth In
  • Total Bandwidth Out

The values for a given configuration are retrieved on the basis of data in the Traffic Aggregation section of the device. The time interval during retrieving data is set to the beginning and the end of the current month.


  • Inbuilt Driver Based On Polling And Event System
  • Traffic Aggregation - Count Limits For Groups Of Ports Per Server
  • Presentation Layer With Filtering And Graphs
  • View Current Resource And Power Usage
  • Impose Limits On Traffic (In/Out/Total) And Power Usage (Amps)
  • Toggle Configurable Email Notifications Sent Upon Exceeding Traffic And Power Usage Limits
  • Define Recipients Of Email Notifications
  • Dedicated Controller In API For External Integrations

Limits Configuration

The limits configuration is found in a summary view of the device in Usage Collector tab.


In the left box (Limits Configuration) we can determine which limits will be active. Only the limits with Enabled status are taken into account when comparing them to the current values. Limits can be specified using the following units: MB, GB, TB.

  • Total Bandwidth In/Out (incoming and outgoing traffic limit for the device in the present month)
  • Total Bandwidth In (incoming traffic limit for the device in the present month)
  • Total Bandwidth Out (outgoing traffic limit for the device in the present month)

In the right box (Settings) we can choose the following configuration:

  • Enable Sending Mail Notifications - choose whether the administrator will be notified about exceeding limits by e-mail
  • Send Reached Limit Notification Every - choose the time interval after which the administrator will be informed
  • Send Notification When Limit Reaches - choose a percentage of usage defining when the administrator will be notified (example: the limit of Total Bandwidth In is set to 10 GB, Send Notification When Reaches Limit is set to 110%. The administrator will be notified after exceeding 11 GB of usage)

Current Usage Values

To view the current values of the appropriate data, proceed to the summary view of the device. This view should contain a box named Usage Limits Collector, presenting current data.