PDU Management


PDU Management allows to manage PDU devices by e.g. Raritan, APC, E3Meter and others in the system. Thanks to that we can remotely control the outlets of the specified material by the Turn Off/Turn On and Reboot actions. Module gathers the collective statistics (along with each seperate appliance) about power consumption and the number of turned on/off outlets.


  • Control PDU Devices Outlets - Turn On/Turn Off/Reboot
  • View General And Single Device Statistics:
    • Power Consumption
    • Number Of Turned On/Off Outlets
  • View General Graphs:
    • Top Power Consumption Devices
    • Power Consumption Summary
    • Outlets
  • View Device Graph:
    • Power Consumption
  • Integrated With Device Summary View:
    • Outlets Widget
    • Synchronization Between Outlet And Power Section
  • View Events Logs
  • Supported PDU Device Manufacturers:
    • APC
    • Aten PDU
    • CyberPower
    • Dell rPDU
    • E3Meter
    • Enlogic
    • PowerAlert
    • Raritan
    • Sentry Switched PDU
    • Switched PDU

Add PDU Device

There are a few options to add PDU devices. Firstly, by adding new device and typing the device’s IP address and filling in the other data properly. Secondly, provided auto-discovering pattern will determine all essential details and update them on the system level. When you are adding a new device it is advised to remember about choosing proper operation system from the list (appliance variety). After adding PDU device successfully, SNMP settings need appropriate configuration.

Please move to the summary page of a device you are interested in and use the action button located in the header and then proceed to settings.


SNMP Settings

In this place you may configure SNMP protocol settings for the device. By default, the formula contains three standard configuration fields, these are:

  • SNMP Version
  • SNMP Public community (or security name)
  • SNMP Private community

In case the configuration of SNMP protocol in the device is highly advanced, you may use several additional options of SNMPv3 configuration:

  • SNMPv3 Security name
  • SNMPv3 Security level
  • SNMPv3 Authentication protocol
  • SNMPv3 Authentication pass phrase
  • SNMPv3 Privacy protocol
  • SNMPv3 Privacy pass phrase

Once the form has been filled out and changes saved, you may now test the typed in data, press ‘Test SNMP Connection’ button. The system will check the validity of the SNMP connection basing on the following OID in repository:

SNMP: SNMPv2-MIB::sysObjectID.0.

If the value is retrieved, the system will assume the SNMP connection is correct. In the other case, an appropriate error will be displayed.

PDU Devices List

By proceeding to section Device List in the module view, we can spot the catalog of all PDU devices which operation system is Raritan, APC or E3Meter. Currently, the module supports products made by these two producers only. Listing shows up the necessary information about device as well as report about energy usage measured in Amps. In the upper part of this section valuable knowledge is available about summary power management as well as statistics on turned on and off outlets.


Use the action menu to move to the device summary.


In this area data is downloaded in real time with SNMP protocol. Left box Summary displays basic device information. Box Outlets provides advanced info about status and devices energy consumption for complete outlets. Particular outlets can be freely managed by using action menu.