OS Installation


OS Installation module allows to install operating systems on any existing in EasyDCIM physical server with the help of adequate submodules.

OS installation module is equipped with two submodules. These are:

Server Configuration

In order to configure a new server, simply press Add a Server.


Type in the following data into the form:

  • Server Name – your server name
  • Module to Use – select module you are going to use

Once the data are filled out, press Add Server to continue. Next, in actions column, find and press edit option of the server.


Submodules Configuration

Detailed configuration is described in separate articles:

Provisioning Status

This section displays all operating system installations that are currently launched. Here you will also find details about the device, selected installation template as well as the latest information on the status of the installation. Notifications on the current status of the installation are updated on an ongoing basis using the appropriate scripts. You can freely delete tasks that have been started. Please keep in mind however that if you remove the installation task when the installation is in progress, the installation will be automatically interrupted, without the possibility to resume it. Once the installation is completed, each task is automatically transferred to the ′Provisioning History′ section.

Provisioning History

Here you can preview all operating system installation tasks that have been started and completed (whether successfully or not). You can also verify the logs that were generated during the installation of the operating system within each entry.