OS Installation


OS Installation module allows to install operating systems on any existing in EasyDCIM physical server with the help of adequate submodules.

OS installation module is equipped with three submodules. These are:

Server Configuration

In order to configure a new server, simply press Add a Server.


Type in the following data into the form:

  • Server Name – your server name
  • Module to Use – select module you are going to use
  • Use in Locations – select locations which will use this server. Please remember that for one location only one server can be available but one server can be available for more locations. For example, devices located in New York will be automatically managed by a server using Core Provisioning Module, whereas devices located in London will be managed by a server using NOC-PS Provisioning Module.

Once the data are filled out, press Add Server to continue. Next, in actions column, find and press edit option of the server.


Submodules Configuration

Detailed configuration is described in separate articles: