To see a list of locations in a system, select from a side menu Infrastructure → Locations. To add a new location, use Add Location button. The form contains following fields:

  • Location Name
  • Location Manager
  • Location Address
  • Location Phone
  • Emergency Contact
  • Description

Location Address field contains a function of the specified address geolocation. Thanks to this, an existing location will be available on the map.


Such added location will be shown on the list of locations. In the system, there are two views of locations: a list and a map. If your location has a specific address, it will appear on the map:


When you hover over a specific marker, you will get information about the devices in this location. To go to a summary of location, simply click on its name.


Using the action menu, you can perform the following actions:

  • Add Floor - displays the form in which you can use to add a new floor to a location
  • Add Rack - displays the form in which you can use to add a new rack in the specific location that can be found on a particular floor.
  • Edit - Edit site data


In rack summary you get an option to place the equipment on the specific places in the rack. To place a device in the rack, select an appropriate line and then click Assign Device Here. Then, select the device you want to add to the rack. Keep in mind that the system calculates free space in the rack from top to the bottom. Therefore, if you want to add a device at the bottom of the rack, which has a size of 5 Units, you have to select position number 5 and assign it to the device. The system checks whether the places 5,4,3,2,1 are free and if yes, the device will be assigned.


Use the editing device form to determine which part of the cainbet the device will occupy. Access to the editing form is in summary of the device page in action menu. Below enumerated fields determine this action:

  • Device Size (Units) - number of units the device uses in the rack
  • In Rack Size
    • Full
    • Half Size (Rack Front)
    • Half Size (Rack Rear)