Items Delivery

Items Delivery section is for the mass adding of the items to the system. You can add an unlimited number of items at once, simply follow a few steps. To add a new to the system, you must have previously created some models. You can read about the models in Items, Types and Models section.

Select from the side menu Search Inventory and then from the action menu choose Items Delivery in order to add new items to the system. Find a shortcut to this action in Dashboard top menu:


The adding items formula is divided into several steps:

  1. Model Selection
  2. Configuration
  3. Common Settings
  4. Metadata
  5. Summary

Model selection

In the first step you need to determine the number of the items you want to add and specify the model of created items.

  • Number of Items: 10
  • Select Delivered Item Model: [8] Intel Core i7-5960X Haswell-E 8-Core 3.0 GHz LGA 2011-v3 140W


Once the first step is approved, you will be taken to the configuration section. Fill out the fields that are unique for each newly created item. For example, for processor these would be:

  • Label
  • Serial Number
  • Serial Number 2
  • Service Tag
  • Origin

Common Settings

Successively, in the Common Settings tab, you can add fields that are consistent for all the items. These include the fields such as:

  • Maintenance Instructions
  • Purchase Date
  • Warranty Info
  • Warranty Months
  • Function
  • Comments
  • Notes
  • Manufacturer
  • Buy Price

As we can see, the data is automatically read on the basis of the model, therefore, you do not have to fill them out again while creating a new delivery item.



Complement the metadata one by one. Data in this tab is also automatically filled out basing on the model. You can surely change them. To read about metadata, go here.



When you have fulfilled all the phases, you will see a simple page with a summary of the previous steps.


After clicking Process Delivery Transaction button, an attempt to add the preset items will be made. If everything goes according to the plan, you will see a page Inventory Management added to the list of items: