Adding New Device

Adding a new device into the system is possible via a simple formula. This form is available at the side menu Services & Devices → Servers → Add Device.

Basic Information

In the first step you may determine unique data for the device, such as:

  • Model - device model. You can read more about model management at Items, Types and Models section.
  • IP address
  • Hostname
  • OS
  • MAC Address
  • Inventory Status
  • Serial Number
  • Service Tag


Warranty Information

Data in this tab are automatically filled out basing on a pre-selected model. If you have not completed these data in the model yet, you can specify them now. This section contains the following fields:

  • Purchase Date
  • Warranty Months
  • Warranty Information
  • Item Origin
  • Purchase Price


Additional Information

Next, complete additional information about the device. These data can also be automatically completed on the basis of a pre-selected model.

  • Label
  • Manufacturer
  • Image
  • Poller Disabled (determines if the device should be omitted while collecting information about devices)
  • Function
  • Comments
  • Notes



Complete metadata about the device one by one. Data in this tab can also be automatically completed basing on the model. Still, you can freely change them. To read about the metadata go here.


Location & Client

In this tab you can determine which client and location the device will be assigned to.

  • Assigned Client - list of the clients in the system
  • Location - list of locations in the system


Rack & Position

On the basis of previously chosen location you are able to choose a rack. After the rack is chosen, the list with its positions will be automatically loaded. In addition, you can determine the size of the device (Units) and its size in a cabinet.

  • Rack - the list of racks from the earlier location
  • Device Size (Units) - the size of the device in cabinet
  • In Rack Size
  • Full
  • Half Size (Rack Front)
  • Half Size (Rack Rear)
  • Rack Position - position in the rack


After the data about positions in the rack is completed, the system will start validation process. If there is a possibility of mounting the device in the chosen rack on a determined position, you will be redirected to a site with a summary of the device. If an error occurs, you will be notified about this by a relevant system message.