Update Guide

If there is a new version of EasyDCIM released, there is no need for you to reinstall your system from the very beginning.

Updater Script

Proceed to /opt directory

In order to update your EasyDCIM, log into your Console as a Super-User and proceed to /opt directory:

cd /opt

Download the updater script

Remain in the /opt directory and use the wget or curl tool to obtain the updater script.

sudo wget https://www.easydcim.com/download/updater/updater.sh -O /opt/updater.sh

Run the updater

Use the command below to download and configure your customized EasyDCIM package.

sudo bash updater.sh --key 'YOUR_LICENSE_KEY'

Then follow the on-screen instructions to continue.

Well done! You have just updated your EasyDCIM system.

Our Team

  1. Create a ticket entitled ‘EasyDCIM Update’. In the ‘Secured Messages’ section enter user SSH data (username and password) with root privileges.
  2. Our team, after verification of the ticket, will log into your server and use the update script.
  3. Update script will carry out the following actions:
    • License verification
    • System files backup
    • System database backup
    • Update package download
    • Update package decompression
    • Libraries dependencies and installing new system dependencies control (if required)
    • Update script files cleanup

In the interests of our customers, the update process is carried out by our team. This helps to avoid problems and react quickly to new situations that may arise during the update process.