Although the application uses English by default, it may be translated into any language. Language files are stored in the /opt/easydcim/app/lang catalogue. In here, subcatalogues for each language that is supported by the application should be found. The structure should be as presented below:


In the screen above we see catalogues containing language files for two languages: English (en) and Polish (pl). To create translations into a new language you can simply do it on the basis of the default language’s copy /opt/easydcim/app/lang/en and copy it to the right catalogue.

Language files are just a board that contains the correct keys and values. For example:


Remember to edit only the particular values from the board, leaving the keys unmodified.

Changing the application’s language

To change the default language of the application proceed to the General Settings section and choose the Base Settings tab.


The default language may be changed for both Backend (Admin Area Language) and Client Area (Default Client Area Language) sections.