Base Requirements

To install EasyDCIM, the following operating system must be used:

  • Debian 11 “bullseye”

That’s all. System dependencies and libraries needed to run EasyDCIM are automatically installed during the installation process using our installer.

Memory and Processor

When it comes to RAM and CPU, the requirements increase linearly as the number of devices and ethernet ports added in the system grows. A process that uses the most of system resources is ‘Pooling Process’, activated automatically within the 5-minute intervals. We recommend a machine with 4GB of RAM and several processor cores that will help to quicken loading graphs simultaneously.

Storage I/O Throughput

Storage I/O Throughput is the narrowest bottleneck of the system. While drawing graphs or collecting data in the process of pooling there is a huge amount of reading/writing actions performed. We recommend the use of SSDs which provide considerable efficiency increase.