Installation process

Download Files

Remain in the /opt directory and use the wget or curl tool to obtain the installer script. If neither wget nor curl is installed in your system, you have to download one of them to proceed with the installation.

Download the installer for Ubuntu 16 using the command:

sudo wget

Download the installer for Debian 8 using the command:

sudo wget

Read below precise description on how to install your EasyDIM successfully. In case you have any doubts or encounter problems, do not hesitate to contact us! We will eagerly assist!!


Follow the steps below to install EasyDCIM successfully. Find here precise instruction on how to install your EasyDCIM and how to configure it later on.

In order to install your EasyDCIM, log into your Console as a Super-User and proceed to /opt directory:

cd /opt/

Automatic installation is based on a script run on your installer device. Run the command:

sudo bash --key 'YOUR_LICENSE_KEY'

During that process some questions will be asked, please read them and answer carefully. It will allow perfect adjustment of your new EasyDCIM system to your demands.

  1. Begin with MySQL database configuration: 1.png
  2. Now all the system dependencies required for correct functioning of EasyDCIM application are going to be installed. Please be patient as the time required to finish the installation process of the packages depends on your network speed.
  3. Configure the database for EasyDCIM. 2.png
  4. Installation summary with any login data: 3.png

Further steps

  1. Proceed to:

    http://Your IP Address/backend 
    Log in to your EasyDCIM for the first time: 4.png

  2. This is how your application looks like in the very beginning: 5.png In case you encounter any issues, please take a look at Common Problems section to find the solution or try manual installation.


Your EasyDCIM is already installed? Are you wondering what next?

Our system has been designed in a way that shall be as user friendly as it has been only possible. Consequently, no specific configuration is required.

From this moment you can simply proceed to the next lessons, like Inventory.